For Educators

More resources to come for the 2021/2022 school year.

Updated 7.27.21

For HCS educators and staff, there are just six easy steps to enrolling most eligible students and their families in HCS EdConnect, powered by EPB — the whole process shouldn’t take longer than a minute or two:

  1. Open your school’s eligibility list;
  2. Find the student’s name;
  3. Ask two easy, yes-or-no questions;
  4. Record their responses;
  5. Remind them to update their contact information; and
  6. Remind them to contact EPB to schedule service.

That’s it! By doing that, you’re guaranteeing students have high-speed access for learning outside the classroom, and that families have one less bill to pay through at least 2030, or until their student graduates from Hamilton County.

Detailed instructions for HCS educators and staff:

(1) Open your school’s eligibility list: To find out if a family is eligible, start by searching for “Your School Name EPB” (i.e. Brown Academy EPB) in your HCS Google Drive — your school’s eligibility list will be a Google Sheet titled “[Your School Name] EPB”

(If you do not have access or cannot find this list, e-mail your school’s primary EdConnect contact(s) and the Family Resource Center: HCSFRC [at] HCDE [dot] org)

(2) Find the student’s name: To enroll a family, search for the student’s name on Tab 2: No response to survey within the eligibility list; the list is sorted alphabetically by last name, or use Ctrl+F to search inside the sheet. 

  • You will not need to update any information in Tabs 1 and 3; only make edits to Tab 2. If you cannot find the student’s name in Tab 2: No response to survey, but you do find it:
    • In Tab 1: Names sent to EPB (these families responded “Yes” to both survey questions at some point), skip to step 6 and remind the family to call EPB.
    • In Tab 3: Responded no (these families either responded “No” to either survey question at some point), e-mail the student’s information to the Family Resource Center and then skip to step 6.
  • If you cannot find the student’s name anywhere, they may need to enroll in Free/Reduced Lunch; check with the family and e-mail the student’s information to the

(3) Ask two easy questions: Verbally ask the family the following two questions: 

  1. “Do you want to enroll in HCS EdConnect to receive EPB WIFI at no cost to your family?”
  2. “Is it okay if we share your eligibility information with EPB?” 

(4) Record their response: Input the family’s responses by using the drop down arrow in each yellow column on Tab 2: No response to survey next to their name.

(5) Confirm their contact information: Confirm that the family’s contact information is correct; update in PowerSchool if it is not, especially their mobile number.

(6) Remind them to call EPB: Instruct the family to call EPB (423) 648-1372 starting the very next day, to schedule their service and installation with EPB. 

  • They will receive a text message reminding them to call, if their information is correct in PowerSchool.