Welcome to HCS EdConnect

No-cost, high-speed home internet from EPB is now available to Hamilton County students and their families! Any student receiving free or reduced-cost lunch, attending a school where every student receives free or reduced-cost lunch or whose family participates in SNAP or other economic assistance programs is eligible.

Hamilton County Schools has joined with EPB of Chattanooga to offer HCS EdConnect, a first-of-its-kind initiative to bridge the digital divide and provide home WiFi all year long, for at least the next decade, to every qualified family. This service will provide high speed, 100Mbps+ internet access to more than 28,500 students in Hamilton County Schools, at no charge to families.

How can my family sign up? 

In order to receive service, eligible families just need to say, “Yes!” to HCS EdConnect! Simply call your child’s school to enroll.

For more details or to get answers to your questions, please also visit the FAQ or ask questions via the HCS EdConnect Facebook group.

After opting in, please wait 24 hours before contacting EPB at (423) 648-1372 to schedule service. You should also recieve a text message reminder after you say yes

EPB will provide internet to all students who qualify for HCS EdConnect within their service area. Although some homes may take more time to serve, they are committed to providing access to all. Their team is working diligently to serve as many families as quickly as possible, so enroll today.

And, if EPB is not available where you live, Hamilton County Schools can provide a mobile hotspot with unlimited data, free of charge. Just call your school!

Information about public WiFi is available through Tech Goes Home: For EPB’s free QuickConnect locations, use this map — and for additional public WiFi hotspots located in Hamilton County, use this locator tool.


Need Tech Support?

Looking for some help? Start here, with Tech Goes Home Shorts – short videos designed to help you with everything you need, from using your Chromebook to logging into PowerSchool: